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            Phone:0086-573-83015799 0086-573-83015599
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            The story of Xinhengtai

            Zhejiang Xinhengtai New Material Co., Ltd.

            Zhejiang Xinhengtai New Material Co., Ltd.,It is a large-scale professional manufacturer that has developed and developed EVA foam materials on a large scale for many years...

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            You can contact us by phone, email address and address on the website, or you can leave a message directly through the website. Zhejiang Xinhengtai New Material Co., Ltd. welcomes you and cooperates with us.

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            Address: Next to Renkang Road Bridge,
            Xinda Road, Xinfeng Town, Jiaxing City

            Email : jxlm@huizhiru.com

            fax : 0086-573-83015628

            Marketing layout

            Marketing Layout